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  • Transport aérien: Sky Mali acquiert un 3e avion
  • Gabon: la rénovation de 40 axes routiers à Libreville annoncée
  • Abidjan: plusieurs ministres s'imprègnent du fonctionnement de la vidéoverbalisation
  • Abidjan: un investissement initial de 10 milliards FCFA pour la vidéoverbalisation
  • Abidjan: 173 radars prévus pour la mise en œuvre de la vidéoverbalisation
  • Canal de Suez: l'élargissement de la partie sud annoncée
  • Abidjan: plus de 1000 bâtis à démolir pour le futur 4e pont
  • Israël: l'aéroport de Tel-Aviv temporairement fermé suite aux bombardements
  • Acturoutes souhaite bonne fête de l'Ascension à tous
  • Acturoutes souhaite bonne fête du Ramadan à tous


    ITS World Congress 2019
    The 26th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) will be happening from 21 to 25 October 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Co-hosted by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) of Singapore and the Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) Singapore, it will be the first time this Congress is being organised in Southeast Asia.

    The 2019 Congress theme, “Smart Mobility, Empowering Cities” reflects Singapore’s commitment to create the most liveable smart city in support of a higher quality of life and an ever-connected community. With a comprehensive format of plenary and interactive sessions, as well as a dynamic exhibition with technical demonstrations and tours, the ITS World Congress 2019 will be an opportunity for the sponsors and partners to network, discuss and share ground-breaking transport technology, and forge mutually beneficial partnerships to further unleash the power of ITS. With Singapore’s strategic location between the East and West, we hope to attract strong interest and active participation from the region, and open doors to fast-growing markets such as China, India and Southeast Asia.

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