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Special edition of COP 27

The "media partnership" is a "very good initiative", ivorian minister of transport says

Publié le: lun. 17/10/2022, 00:50

The minister of transport of Côte d'Ivoire considered this weekend that "the Media Partnership for the Promotion of Sustainable Transport", announced by accredited media at COP 27, is a good instrument in the fight against climate change.

Ivorian minister of Transport, Amadou Koné. Ph.: MS.

Like several of his African counterparts, Amadou Koné is invited by journalists accredited to COP 27 to participate in the seminar that will see the birth of "the Media Partnership for the Promotion of Sustainable Transport". According to the authors of this initiative, grouped within The The Africa Road Builders - Trophée Babacar NDIAYE and the Media Network for Infrastructure and Finance in Africa (MIFA), it is a question of creating "a non-juridical entity which must allow the media to play an effective and permanent role in the fight against climate change, while working to develop transport in Africa in the interest of the populations and stakeholders concerned”.


For the ivorian minister of Transport, this is a "very good initiative", because, he says, issues related to the preservation of the environment in Africa must be more oriented towards transport, in addition to agriculture and the flora. "The continent is rapidly urbanizing, more than half of Africans now live in cities and air pollution and greenhouse gases are increasingly emitted by transport", explains minister Amadou Koné.


The ivorian minister does not fail to “congratulate” the initiators of this future partnership. While hoping that the transport ministers are more "stakeholders in the COP, (...) that the programs developed and discussed take sufficient account of the damage caused by dirty transport".


The commitment of Sisi, Ouattara, Buhari, Maky and Samia "welcomed"


For the initiators of the partnership, the fact that the COP is being held in Africa is a sign of the commitment of african leaders to take ownership of the fight against climate change. While welcoming the support of minister Amadou Koné, they are grateful to the actions of the Heads of State of Egypt, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Senegal and Tanzania, all winners of The Africa Road Builders - Trophée Babacar NDIAYE.


“The General Commission of The Africa Road Builders -Trophée  Babacar NDIAYE and the Directorate of Media for Infrastructure and Finance in Africa (MIFA) would like to salute the leadership of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, HE. Abdel Fattah El SISI, winner of the Babacar NDIAYE Trophy in 2020, whose actions reflect the promise of a prosperous and healthy Africa. Likewise, the General Commission and MIFA express their deep admiration for the Heads of State of Côte d'Ivoire (2016 winner), Senegal (2017 winner), Nigeria (2021 winner) and Tanzania (2022 winner) for their great interest in promoting transport in general and sustainable transport in particular". The press release issued by the initiators of the partnership does not fail to express "recognition to the African Development Bank and its president Dr Akinwumi Adesina, as well as to all the regional and sub-regional institutions for their dedication to the cause of developed and sustainable transport in Africa”.


Let remember that "the Media Partnership for the Promotion of Sustainable Transport in Africa" will be set up on the sidelines of COP 27 in Sharm-el-Sheikh. It will be the result of a so-called “strategic” seminar to be held on November 13 and 14, 2022.


Barthelemy KOUAME



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