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And the others, where will they go?

Publié le: dim. 30/10/2022, 03:37

We are not friends only when everything is going well. Friendship and humanity is also about facing danger together. Especially if it is known and localized, as the United States seems to believe.

The United States must review its communications on the internal security of the countries where it is located. Ph. DT

The week that is ending has been marked by very alarming and intriguing facts that should not be overlooked. The United States, through its embassies, issued two terrorist attack alerts Abuja in (Nigeria) and in Johannesburg (South Africa). It is not the announced attacks that alarm and intrigue but quite reasonably their announcement, made with “speakers” and “sirens”.


When the United States advises its nationals above all to leave the country, we have the right to wonder where all those who are not Americans and who live in the indexed cities should go. Security specialists will have to explain to us what drives such a strategy followed by a call to flee aimed at a single community... But you don't need to be a communication specialist to imagine the dose of panic that will settle for Nigerians and South Africans after such announcements.


People are all endowed with a survival instinct and from the moment a credible organization like a United States embassy announces a danger, whatever we do, whoever we are, we are inevitably destabilized. We cannot say that the United States seeks to destabilize these two countries which are the first two powers in Africa. But these American actions this week are bound to be destabilizing.


However, it did not work in Kabul


If yesterday, a public announcement of this nature did not prevent a serious attack from occurring in Kabul, even killing Americans, it is because the technique is not necessarily effective. How do we think terrorists react to such an announcement? Do they drop their macabre plan or, on the contrary, can they take advantage of the chaos that can follow the announcement? Events in Afghanistan have shown us that they can profit from panic.


Moreover, instead of calling on its nationals to leave the cited countries, the United States should help to immediately address the critical points observed. Logically, the only communication possible at such a level is that which announces the strengthening of security for all, without anyone being asked to leave the premises. Moreover, if there is to be evacuation, this must concern all the inhabitants, whether they are Americans, Nigerians or South Africans. All those who live in endangered territories. Terrorism, once in action, doesn't just kill Americans. Everyone is a victim of it. To think otherwise would be to imagine that the presence of American citizens endangers others. But we believe in America.


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Barthélemy KOUAME


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