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2nd World Roads Conference : you are welcome in Singapore

PortraitPublié le 17-07-2009 23h18

The theme for the 2nd World Roads Conference is “Sustainable Urban Transport Development”.

It is my great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the 2nd World Roads Conference which will be held in Singapore from 26 to 28 October 2009. This is the second conference in its series following the huge success of World Roads Conference 2006.


The 2nd World Roads Conference is jointly organised by the Land Transport Academy (LTA Academy) of Singapore, the Association of Consulting Engineers Singapore (ACES), MSI Global Pte Ltd and supported by the Singapore’s Ministry of Transport, Public Utilities Board, National Environment Agency, Cities Development Initiative for Asia, Centre for Liveable Cities and the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau.


The theme for the 2nd World Roads Conference is “Sustainable Urban Transport Development”. This theme is especially appealing and relevant to urbanised cities facing the daunting task of balancing increasing transport demand and the corresponding impact on the environment.  A “Sustainable Urban Transport Development” encompasses a series of good policies and regulations, decisions, competent operators, use of technologies and best management practices.


The 2nd World Roads Conference will comprise five main tracks to cater to your specific area of interest which will address the main aspects of achieving a “sustainable urban transport development”.  I am delighted to have six renowned international experts with us in this conference to share their knowledge and experience in their specific domain expertise.


In conjunction with the conference itself, other programme highlights include an exhibition showcasing the latest green vehicle technologies and technical site visits for an “outside of classroom” learning experience.  


I am confident that this highly anticipated conference will provide you with many learning opportunities and a platform for like-minded professionals to interact and network.


I look forward to your support and participation. 

Mr Frederick Wong

Steering Committee

2nd World Roads Conference

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