Le Signal Bengladesh: Une section de la ligne 1 du métro de Dhaka va être inaugurée avant fin décembre 2022

COP 27 Special edition
260 electric or gas buses, 11,000 people transported at peak times

COP 27 was also the challenge of transporting participants from the various accommodations to the Sh...

Published on: dim. 20/11/2022, 00:17
Edition Spécial COP 27
La BOAD à la COP 27, « concilier climat et développement »

« La BOAD se positionne comme la banque de référence au cœur de l’action climatique pour le développ...

Published on: jeu. 17/11/2022, 02:03
COP 27 Special edition
AWARe Initiative to Address Water Security as Part of Climate Change Adaptation

Egypt’s COP27 Presidency, in partnership with World Meteorological Organization (WMO), launched AWAR...

Published on: mar. 15/11/2022, 04:34
Edition Spéciale COP 27
L'Égypte et la Norvège lancent une centrale à hydrogène vert...pour le transport durable

L'Égypte et la Norvège s'apprêtent à établir une centrale à hydrogène vert de 100 MW en mer Rouge, d...

Published on: mar. 08/11/2022, 23:11
COP 27 Special edition
«Today, I appeal for your messages to the world to be clear», President Sisi said

President Sisi’s speech at the Opening Session: «Today, I appeal for your messages to the world, whi...

Published on: mar. 08/11/2022, 00:30
The Editorial
And the others, where will they go?

We are not friends only when everything is going well. Friendship and humanity is also about facing ...

Published on: dim. 30/10/2022, 03:37
United States
Afreximbank carries on the legacy of Babacar Ndiaye in Washington D.C.

On the sidelines of the 2022 World Bank Annual Meetings, the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank...

Published on: mar. 18/10/2022, 03:38
Special edition of COP 27
The "media partnership" is a "very good initiative", ivorian minister of transport says

The minister of transport of Côte d'Ivoire considered this weekend that "the Media Partnership for t...

Published on: lun. 17/10/2022, 00:50
Special edition
Egypt sets out vision for UN Climate Change Conference and urges world to act now

Egypt’s COP27 Presidency set out its vision for the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, t...

Published on: ven. 30/09/2022, 00:28